Free Resources for the Accidental Homeschooler (and Long-term Homeschoolers) Part 2: Morning Rituals to Help You Feel Centered for Your Day with Your Children and Your Mission!

Here’s a special message from my friend Audrey Rindslisbacher, founder of The Mission Driven Mom (MDM:

You can watch a video of Audrey below to see how cool she is then watch her Facebook live announcement tomorrow for help in your homeschooling!


New FREE MDM Offering for ALL Moms!

Join Audrey to hear about an awesome FREE MDM offering being launched immediately! This offering will empower, inspire and uplift you daily!

PLEASEForward this information to –

  • ANY mom who is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or worried
  • ANY mom who needs community, support and inspiration and
  • ALL your friends and family who want to engage in powerful morning exercises and receive valuable ideas for inspiring their children!

Watch the FB LIVE! here tomorrow!


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