Liberty-based Learning for Kids Lockdown Smackdown to Resist Socialism and Communism!

Hey, it’s the best time ever to get all of the non-statist, liberty-lover Connor Boyack’s educational materials (except his monthly Free Market Rules). If you are a liberty-lover you will want these resources. These are truths are country is founded on, no longer taught in schools!

If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would buy these books for their children!

Are you fed up with socialism and communism being taught as truth? Then get these books to help you and your children know what a freedom-based society looks like.


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I had an enlightening evening with Connor a few years ago when he came and spoke to my Hero Project class end of year ceremony/party. You can read about that here. I love the heroes he chose to speak about. These were all true heroes who stood up to government that overstepped its bounds. People like Alexander Doniphan, Edward Snowden, and the brave Unknown Protester, from June 5, 1989.


Would you like to know how you and your children can recognize when this happens? Get these books and resources, read them, and talk about them! They are written for ages 5-11 but older ages can still learn from them, including adults. They take hard to digest books like F.A. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island and put them in digestible format.

This bundle includes three brand new e-books created for families to use together in the weeks ahead during social distancing and quarantining:

  1. 13 Questions to Level-Up Your Family Dinner Conversations
  2. Subtle Ways Your Kids are Taught to Embrace Socialism
  3. 10 Tips for Raising an Entrepreneur

The bundle also includes these items:

  • All 11 Tuttle Twins books
  • All 11 PDF activity workbooks
  • All 11 MP3 audiobooks
  • The Tuttle Tales family card game
  • The three ebooks listed above
  • Passion-Driven Education (PDF, but paperback for the first 250 orders)

Get it all here!

That’s $265 in content for only $60! This deal will be disabled soon, so grab yours quick! Go here to get it before the sale ends Wednesday night, March 25!

No coupon needed! This price is nearly 80% off!

As a gameschooler, I’m excited to get the new Tuttle Twins card game and test it out!


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Enjoy this interview here with Connor by Tom Woods on how freedom-based economy can be taught to children.

Long live freedom in economy, education, and all aspects of life! It can only do so if we the people educate ourselves about the principles of liberty, and then ACT on the principles and hold ourselves and our elected officials accountable!

FTC Disclosure: I receive a commission if you purchase this bundle using the links above. The cost is the same to you and the money I earn helps to run this blog.





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