Free Resource for the Accidental Homechurcher: Discount on, the website home of talks, podcasts and other resources by Hank Smith, John Bytheway, and Meg Johnson

I listened to the above amazing talk last Sunday while taking a hot soak in my tub and oh how luscious the whole experience was! Meg is a beautiful, fun, smart and engaging speaker who will rock your socks off as she tells of how angels work, based on the Book of Mormon scripture from 2 Nephi 32, “Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

I love her talks as well as those of John Bytheway and Hank Smith. I have a few of their CDs that we listen to on long drives, especially on Sundays. For years I have checked every few months on YouTube to see if they have new content, but they still have the same ones I’ve heard before.

Guess what? Hank, Meg, and John have an app that is loaded with their talks and resources. It’s called It has free services as well as paid-for, monthly subscription, premium services, like podcasts by John and Hank that are updated weekly. I signed up for the premium service and that’s how I was able to listen to the angel  talk.

Right now, during this -world-turned-upside-down-by-the-pandemic, when we are being asked to homechurch and homeschool, you can get the premium part for free!
Just go here and use the code “HOMECHURCHHELPS” to get a free month! Then you can listen to the angel talk by Meg too and see if you love this resource.

If you already know you want the premium service then you can go here and use the code “97CENTS” to get the premium service for 97 cents instead of the regular cost of $9.97. Sweet! Again, go here to sign up click on the monthly plan, then apply the code “97CENTS.” You will be charged 97 cents a month, and can cancel anytime.

I don’t get any commission for promoting this resource, I just love Meg, John and Hank! I think you will too!

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