Free Resources for the Accidental and Long-term Homeschooler, Part 6: Virtual Tours of Famous Museums and Art Galleries

Rick Steves’ videos on YouTube offer wonderful free glimpses into famous museums in Europe.

Perhaps you’d like to get more in-depth looks and a bigger variety of offerings, beyond Europe.

Here is a site, that features 12 of the most famous museums and galleries in the world offering virtual tours.

Google Arts and Culture has curated a list of 2500 museums and galleries here that have some kind of way to peek inside at their offerings.

You can see inside Ann Frank’s home here. Corrie Ten Boom’s is over here. These have been availalble online for years, but now we have more time to avail ourselves of these fabulous resources!

Then if you want some coloring pages related to libraries, museums, and galleries, here you go.

Tour the world and color some art without leaving your couch!

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