#abookandagameaday, Fri. 4/3/20, still social distancing

Farmer Boy: Little House, Book 2

Every day I play a chapter of this book on audio using my Scribd app for the kiddos to listen to while doing dishes. The kids always balk at first but I think they eventually get into the satisfying tales of homesteading, gardening, farming and cooking. I think they secretly like it. There’s just something about hearing of a self-reliant life that makes us feel peace and joy.

That night I played games with some girlfriends, online with video conferencing. Here’s what we played, with me showing some of the cards with the webcam and texting some of the cards. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We did General Conference Trivia and General Conference Double Ditto as well. Great fun!



Disclosure: the link to Scribd is my affiliate link. If you sign up for Scribd, you can get two free months. The cost is the same for you and I get another free month. If you are a bibliophile like I am, you will love it! It gives you unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks and books in text format, more so than Audible. I have Audible too and love both platforms. Often I can find a lot more of what my children are reading for their homeschool subjects/classes in scribd than in Audible. I can also get sheet music, documents, magazines, newspapers, and picture books in Scribd. I can also get all the Little House books in audio and text, and many other read aloud chapter books for the kiddos, that I see recommended on readaloudrevival.com, on Scribd. I hope you sign up and enjoy it!


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