#abookandagameaday, Sun. 4/5/20, still social distancing and celebrating the Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Pocket-size Book of Mormon | United States Store

I read from this book as I always do everyday on Sunday April 5, 2020. Since it was Sunday, Palm Sunday, at that, I’m putting it front and center for that day. We are using the Come, Follow Me Study Guide to study it this year as a family.

Usually we don’t gameschool on Sunday, unless it’s “Sunday School” games (“Sunday gameschooling”) like Seek, or the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Board Game. (Sometimes the boys will play the Game of Life while I take a nap or do family history research and their sister reads or draws. I’d like to get them doing family history games on familysearch.org.) We did work on this puzzle during General Conference. (You can see more about our General Conference Weekend here.)


IMG_6893 (1).jpg

I had bought a copy of the Global Puzzle years ago brand new. After we moved out of state, I discovered a few pieces missing. Imagine my delight when I found the same puzzle while thrifting for only 75 cents! With all the pieces! Balance restored!


Then that night after General Conference, we played my Gospel Restoration Timeline Game. You can get instructions for assembling it here.



Here are some pictures of the cards I made for the game.










I thought it was cool that one of the cards featured a story in the March 2020 Friend, about an African man in the 1960s who had a dream about the Salt Lake Temple. That led him to find the Church and get baptized.






We will be playing this game more on Sundays! I love that it has church history dates plus non-church stuff, like the invention of the computer and the cell phone. These technological advances are all part of the Restoration.


IMG_6949 (2).jpg




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