Book of Mormon Evidences Conference Online Starts Tomorrow!

This clip is from the conference last fall, featuring the founder of the conference, Rod Meldrum. I’ve heard Rod speak in person. He’s so engaging!

I’m taking part in this Book of Mormon Evidences/FIRM Foundation Expo conference as a presenter this weekend. I hope you will join us! In the past it has been in person, but it’s all online this weekend! It starts tomorrow, Thursday April 9, 2020! Three days, through April 11, 2020! You can still register. Just click on this link.


FIRST Virtual FIRM Foundation EXPO featuring 25th International Book of Mormon Evidence Streaming

We have now finalized our plan to bring the FIRM Foundation Expo speakers to the entire WORLD by internet as we will hold our Virtual Expo with over 60 New Presentations. We also have 200 additional presentations that you can see anywhere in the world on your computer or smart phone for the next 3 months beginning April 9, 2020! click here to register.

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