Easter Stories, Songs and Poetry to Celebrate Easter


Here is an excerpt from my Celestial Family Devotionals ebook. This is the list for April with links to scriptures, songs, stories and poetry to celebrate Easter. I share a story or two each day with my family during our devotional and plan on sharing more this Sunday with my older children via zoom.

Themes: Easter, the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Restoration of the gospel, organization of the latter-day Church of Jesus Christ, General Conference, first principles and ordinances of the gospel, conversion, being born again, the sacrament, forgiveness, healing, miracles, rescue stories, testimony


Just click on the links to open the resource. Please let me know if any are broken or wrong.


‘Twas Witnessed in the Morning Sky #12

I Stand All Amazed #193

That Easter Morn #198

He Is Risen #199

Christ the Lord is Risen Today #200

I Saw A Mighty Angel Fly #15

The Happy Day At Last Has Come #32


Music from the Ensign

In An Upper Room 4/74

The Risen Jesus in America 4/74

O Lord Who Gave Thy Life For Me 10/02

This is the Christ 12/06

Behold the Wounds in Jesus’ Hands 4/09

What is This Thing Man Calls Death 2/10

Rise Up Ye Saints Rejoice 4/12

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need 9/15

A Sinless Man 3/16

Bread of Life, Living Water 7/15

Come Unto Him 4/17


Music from the New Era

The Lost Lamb 4/80

For Bread and Breath and Life 8/80

To My Savior 12/80

Christ is the Savior 12/82

I Remember the Savior 4/83

Jesus My Savior 8/83

Behold, My Joy Is Full 10/83

He Is Not Here, for He is Risen 8/85

I Walk by Faith 11/85

No Ordinary Man 4/86

It Is With Christ 8/87

Just One Little Light 1/88

Not My Will 4/88

I’ll Follow Christ 8/88

With Heart and Voice 4/89

This Is Jesus 4/90

He Is Our Guide 4/91

I Will Come Unto Christ 4/92

O Savior Thou Who Healed the Sick 8/92

The Savior’s Touch 4/93

O Master Let Me Walk with Thee 8/93

Power of His Grace 8/93

Light of the World 4/94

The Carpenter 8/94

Forsake Me Not 8/95

Plant a Seed in Your Heart 9/95

He Will Heal Us 4/96

Maybe I Will Be There 9/01

My Testimony 6/02

The Gift of the Holy Ghost 8/05

I Marvel at the Miracle 4/14

Gentle Jesus, Pure and Fair 4/15

One by One 7/16

I Feel My Savior’s Love (new arrangement) 4/18


Children’s Songs

I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 78 CS

On a Golden Springtime p. 88 CS

Faith p. 96 CS

Repentance p. 98 CS

Help Me Dear Father p. 99 CS

When Jesus Christ Was Baptized p. 102 CS

Baptism p. 100 CS

The Holy Ghost p. 105 CS

The Fourth Article of Faith p. 124 CS

Did Jesus Really Live Again? p. 64

He Died That We Might Live Again p. 65 CS

Easter Hosanna p. 68 CS

When He Comes Again p. 82 CS

Easter Day, Friend 3/78

Other Sheep I Have, Friend 1/77

Repentance, Friend 6/77

Spring of the Year, Friend 4/81

Jesus Is Coming Soon, Friend 4/85

The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77 CS

Faith, Friend 4/90

My Testimony Grows, Friend 4/91

Jesus Is My Friend, Friend 10/92

My Testimony is Growing, Friend 3/94

If Christ Should Speak to Me, Friend 7/95

In His Holy Name, Friend 2/96

Isaiah Says, Friend 3/98

Covenants Are Promises, Friend 8/99

I Come to the Water, Friend 3/00

The Bread Reminds Me, Friend 7/00

I’ll Follow Him in Faith, Friend 1/03

I Feel the Spirit, Friend 2/04

I Want to Be Baptized, Friend 7/05

I Have Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, Friend 10/07

He Came For Us, Friend 4/11

If the Savior Stood Beside Me, Friend 3/13

My Covenant Path, Friend 9/14

Many Names of Jesus, Friend 4/17

Jesus Is My Shepherd, Friend 9/13

Our Savior’s Atonement, Friend 4/97

At Conference Time, Friend 10/97

Love Enough, Friend 7/14

If I Listen With My Heart, Friend 2/16

Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored, Friend 5/17

Gethsemane, Friend 3/18 (simplified, the full arrangement is found here for purchase)



Psalm 38:18

Mosiah 3:5-8

Matthew 28:5-6

Mark 16:6-7

John 5:29

John 15:13

Acts 3:19-21

Revelation 1:17-18

1 Cor. 15:20,53-57

Hebrews 11:1

Rev. 14:6-7

Mosiah 13:33-24

2 Nephi 11:4

Enos 1:26-27

Alma 7:11-14

Alma 32:28

3 Nephi 10:10

3 Nephi 11:8-17

Mormon 9:19

Ether 12:12

Ether 12:18

D&C 88:7

D&C 110:2-4

D&C 19:23-24

Moses 6:52

Poetry from the Friend

Easter Morning 4/14

Easter Time 4/96

The Garden 4/09

The Holy Ghost 11/74


Poetry from the New Era

Washed Clean 4/98 (scroll to the end of the talk)

He Who Would Be Chief Among You 4/75


More to Memorize

The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles


Other Traditional Poetry

An Easter Carol by Christina Rossetti

On Easter Day by Celia Laighton Thaxter 

Crossing the Bar by Alfred Tennyson

Paul Revere’s Ride by Longfellow (I included this here because it happened April 18-19, 1775, but you might prefer to study this poem with other patriotic poetry in June or July.) 

An Apple Orchard in the Spring by William Martin

An April Day by Longfellow

Gone From My Sight by Henry Van Dyke

Still, Still With Thee by Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Boat by George Macdonald

Serving Jesus 

How Lost Was My Condition by John Newton


Stories from the Friend

F2F: Elder Wayne S. Peterson, Live Worthy to Come Home 12/03

From the Life of Heber J. Grant, Comforted by the Holy Ghost 11/04

Fishing Buddies 3/16

Comforting Lucy 9/09

A Blessing of Strength 3/08

What Do People Do When They Die? 11/17

I Know the Prophet’s Voice 10/12

Rescue 3/05

Broken Taillight 8/03

Porter’s Promise 4/14

CLPV: Sold! 4/14

CLPV: Following the Savior’s Path 4/12

The Rose Garden 4/05

The Cactus, the Cross, and Easter 3/81

Rescue 3/05

My Brother and the Resurrection 4/09

Manna for Mother 7/07

Maggie’s Peaches 7/05

William’s Faith 4/98

Washed Clean 4/99

My Old Friend Shepherd 4/99

CLPV: The Savior’s Atonement 3/02

Sacred Ground 9/07

He Hath Opened My Eyes 6/95

Where the Church Was Organized 4/13

The Church Is Organized 3/17 (has figures to tell the story referenced above)

Testimonies 6/92

Promised Blessings 10/01

Snapshots of Heaven 6/05

No Candy for Easter 4/04

F2F: Marcus B. Nash, Growing a Testimony 12/08

True Stories from Central Europe, Pres. Smith Took Him by the Hand 8/73 (first story)

Elder Perry, Chickens, and Me 10/17

Trust in the Lord 6/11

Cheering Up Grandpa 4/15

He Broke the Bands of Death 4/12

Talofa Lava 5/72


Stories from the New Era

I Needed to Understand 10/12

Your Conference Action Plan 5/16

Do We Know How Much He Went Through? 12/09

When a Friend Dies 4/87

Living With Dying 9/82

Under the Waves 4/12

My Brother 1/96

They Saw Him 4/17

Rappelling through Fear 10/16

When the Plan Became Real 1/17

“I’m Sorry” Didn’t Feel Like Enough 8/16

Saving My Sabbath 7/16

Be of Good Cheer 5/16

Perilous Rescue 7/82

The Power of Partaking Worthily of the Sacrament 11/15

Where Was the Water? 11/15 (second story)

Catching Conference 10/09

The Currant Bush 1/73

What Cathy Knew 4/07

Miracles 11/90

Lost in the Canyon 3/14

Lost on the Lake 5/96

20 Feet Down 11/13

Permanent Marker 7/13

Because of the Restoration 12/06

Articles of Faith: The Price I Couldn’t Pay 9/05

Falling Into a Miracle 9/06

Lead Thou Me On 2/06

Proud of Who I Am 6/09

Bearing Testimony to the Bishop 6/09 

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