Update on the Coronavirus from a Dr. who Practices Homeopathy


This video and message copied and pasted from Joette Calabrese, a homeopathic practitioner, give me additional hope and comfort at this time. I encourage you to visit her website, linked above, to learn from her vast resources, including her blog and podcast and YouTube channel.


Joette Calabrese Offer

Home with Homeopathy Tip #19 from Joette Calabrese:

Coronavirus is uppermost on everyone’s mind at the moment, but remember, it is a day-to-day evolving target. No one has a handle on the emerging data.

We don’t; they don’t!

The best I can do is share pertinent information with you as I learn it.

You see, epidemics and pandemics have a process that needs to be gone through. Enough cases need to be studied to show which medicines are most useful. It’s an evolutionary process.

To help flesh out your understanding as to how this works, check out my colleague, Dr. André Seine’s discussion on epidemics and COVID-19 at the National Center for Homeopathy. (See video above.)

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