Christ-Centered Videos to Watch this Easter Week 2020 Plus Activities!


This is copied from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ YouTube channel’s page:


Just as Jesus Christ spoke to his disciples in ancient times, He speaks to us today. This Easter, listen to His words and teachings, and #HearHim.

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A high school classmate of mine has instructions for making an Easter creche here out of cardboard. So creative!


Here’s a great YouTube playlist from the YouTube channel, “Messages of Christ,” to use each day this week as you read about the events that happened in the last week of Christ’s life.

Here are descriptions of the events of each of the days. Read them during family scripture study or at dinnertime during this Holy Week.


President Nelson calls for a Good Friday Worldwide Day of Prayer ...

This Friday, Good Friday, we are going to fast in response to our prophet’s invitation to fast to end the pandemic and after we break our fast with dinner we will listen to this Messiah concert. 

I’m also showing these videos below from Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler, one each day (or two if I have catching up to do) over dinner. I love that they have a simple Easter activity/tradition to do with each one. You don’t have to go out and buy stuff to do these, you probably already have the materials.

Day #1:

Materials needed: a tree branch and vase


Day #2:

Materials needed: yarn, jute, or string to make bracelets.


Day #3:

Materials needed: plastic Easter eggs, paper, and something to hang the eggs on the tree branch mentioned earlier.


Day #4:

Material needed: eggs and yellow onion skins to dye the eggs red, dinner, and invite a grandmother-type woman to dinner. The yellow onion skins really work! See my picture below from last year.


IMG_0179 (1).JPG


Day #5:

Materials needed: paper and writing utensil

Day #6:

Materials needed: anything that reminds you of the hope of Jesus, such as pictures of the Savior. If you can, buy some fresh Easter lilies

Day #7:

Materials needed: Writing utensil and paper to write an Easter testimony letter to your children or other loved ones.

Here’s an additional activity I might try with my family this year: get up and watch the sunrise on Easter morning and then have a testimony meeting with family and/or friends, sharing your letters and testimonies and stories of the resurrection and miracles. Maybe even share the ways you are hearing Jesus in your life lately as you follow President Nelson’s invitation to #Hearhim.


BONUS VIDEO BELOW: How to Make Easter Tomb/Resurrection Rolls



Here is the link to the printed recipe from Not exactly whole foods-y. I’m thinking I’ll try my sourdough breadmachine bread recipe for the dough part and let rise for the dough cycle in my breadmachine. Then just roll out and smother with cinnamon, honey or sugar and marshmallows.

The book below, on page 108, has a recipe for natural yeast cinnamon rolls, which I’ve tried but, with a baked potato and buttermilk, it’s too complicated for me. So I’m going for what I just mentioned above.

The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast: Breads, Pancakes, Waffles, Cinnamon Rolls and Muffins by [Caleb Warnock, Melissa Richardson]


Also on Sunday we will have our traditional Easter egg hunt and watch our Easter videos on this list.

Happy Easter everyone!





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