Easter from The Life Giving Home by Sarah and Sally Clarkson and other Easter-Celebrating Ideas

Life Giving Home

This is the perfect book to start reading during winter, when home life sometimes drags because of the letdown after Christmas and the dreariness of winter. I read it this past winter and just finished it, listening to it in Audible. It was amazing! I loved it!

I listened to it every Saturday as my kids and I did housework. The book felt like diving into a world where The Food Nanny meets the Bobbsey Twins meets the Duggars meets the March family. The Food Nanny because of the doctrine of the family dinner vibe. The Bobbsey Twins because of all the adventure and outdoor activities, the Duggars because of the strong Christian homeschooling overtones, and Louisa May Alcott’s March family, because of their emphasis on old-fashioned seasonal activities. So if you are into all those things, you will love this book!

The co-author, Sally Clarkson, is a homeschooling mom vet. I remember getting her magazine for her organization, Whole Hearted Ministries, when my oldest child, who is 27, was 4. So she’s been around for a long time. She wrote the book with her daughter Sarah.

I’ll be doing a full review sometimes in the next few weeks, but I just wanted to share a little bit about what the book shares about Easter, since Easter is coming up.

Here’s what the Clarkson family does for Easter:

-Attends church on Good Friday ( my church doesn’t hold services on Good Friday. May I suggest watching the concert pictured below…)

-enjoys an Easter breakfast with chocolate Easter eggs. (I have a recipe for DIY chocolate, sugar-free, here.)

-holds a Christian Seder Dinner, in honor of the Jewish Passover dinner.

-attends church on Easter Sunday

-holds an Easter Feast after church services, complete with deviled eggs (or angel eggs, as the Duggars call them), baked ham, vegetable casserole, drinks, and desserts. They invite lots of people over.

-has an Easter egg hunt after the lunch with a different color of egg for each person. The eggs are plastic and filled with candy, small prizes, or gift cards, with one big egg that is the grand prize, up for grabs by anybody.

I love all these ideas! We’ve done most of these through the years. Something I like to do as we gather to eat the goodies found in the plastic Easter eggs is to open up a set of Resurrection Eggs and tell the gospel story, wrapped around the Easter story. You can go here to Jennifer Flanders’ site to get instructions and printables to make your own set.

Would you like to read this book for free? If your public library doesn’t have it, you can read it for free by trying out scribd.com, a treasure trove for bibliophiles. Go here to learn more and sign up for a free 60 day trial.

Want more Easter ideas?

Follow the prophet with his Easter challenge. Go here to watch.

Watch this concert below…

Read the Book of Mormon story of Easter and see lovely accompanying pictures, to the harmony of beautiful Easter music. I’ve reviewed the book for that here.

Get a set of free printables to make a Holy Week timeline of the last week of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Here’s a set of videos with David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman of Don’t Miss This.

Check out LaDawn Jacob’s Easter ideas from her Fun Family Traditions. I have it in ebook form on this page. Scroll down and click on the Fun Family Traditions link.

Get my list of Easter songs, poems, and stories here.

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