Countdown to Easter Daily Traditions from Emily Belle Freeman

Easter is 10 days away! The Easter Bunny (our neighbors’ bunny) has been visiting our yard lately to remind me that spring is here and Easter is coming! Even though the fall leaves are still on the ground (and the trees), spring is here!

I’ve decided to compile the wonderful Christ-centered Easter traditions from Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler all in one post. In years past I’ve blogged about each one separately with the videos. David and Emily have easy, meaningful traditions to do, one each day, leading up to Easter Sunday. Each tradition involves learning and talking about one of the eyewitnesses of the Savior, as well as a simple decoration or activity. These activities don’t involve anything fancy, usually stuff you already have around your home, all except the Easter lily.

I’m guessing that these activities are in Emily’s book below but I’m not totally sure, since I haven’t looked at the book. So if anybody knows please confirm or correct in the comments.

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter
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Start these on this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday. If you miss starting on that day, no worries. There’s no Easter police saying you can’t do more than one tradition in a day, 🙂 It’s just easier to do each one if you spread it out and have a certain time to do it every day. For me, that’s morning devotional/family scripture reading time.

Day #1: Palm Sunday is here, involving a tree branch. It’s about the people of Jerusalem honoring the Savior by waving palm fronds.

Day #2: Monday is over here. It involves Simon.

Day #3: Tuesday can be found here. You will learn about Nicodemus and Joseph and making a testimony tree.


Day #4: for Wednesday you will be dyeing Easter eggs red following a Serbian Easter tradition involving matriarchal women, in honor of the first eyewitness of the resurrected Savior, Mary Magdalene.

IMG_0179 (1).JPG

Day #5: on Thursday you will focus on the people who walked with the resurrected Savior on the way to Emmaus. You will pick your favorite scriptures and display them.

Day #6: on Saturday you will learn about the eyewitness Thomas and his connection to Easter lilies.

Day #7: on Resurrection Sunday is all about seeing how Christ meets you where you are. Check it out here.

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter: Children's Edition by Emily Belle  Freeman, David Butler, Ryan Jeppesen, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

You can find Christ-centered Easter activities songs, poetry, and stories from my Family Devotionals ebook here.

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