Review of the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Game, and Buffalo Games is Awesome!



Hey, before I review this game, here’s a quick shout-out to Buffalo Games. That company is the maker of the amazing Chickapig board game and the new Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Game. We here at this home absolutely love Chickapig so I was excited to see that the same company makes the Mr. Rogers game. (If you want to read about Chickapig, go here and scroll to the bottom of the post where I give a brief review of it.)


I bought the Mr. Rogers game on sale for $10 at Target the Friday before the wave of sheltering in place, last month. After the second time of playing it, I noticed that a complete suit of cards was missing, the “X the Owl” cards. So I contacted the website and asked if the company would send out cards. In less than a week, the cards arrived! Thank you Buffalo Games for such prompt customer service! You guys are awesome!


This game is a wonderful family game. No reading is required so it’s a great game to play with non and emergent readers. All ages can play. It’s also a great chill game, especially for evenings when you just want to relax and not think too hard. If you want to play hardball, you can, and strategize and remember who has what cards and use the trolley card to get them. It has luck, however, involved as well, involved in getting the trolley. The anticipation of pulling cards from your neighbor’s deck and perhaps getting a red light card, to stop your turn immediately, or the card you really want so that you can win, makes the game a ton of fun.



It’s basically a rummy game where you attempting to collect suits of cards. The first one to collect three suits of four cards wins. The illustrations are super darling. For once, Lady Elaine Fairchild looks remotely attractive! (Her bright red bulbous nose, harsh black eyebrows, and abrupt ways always scared me as a kid. Mr. Rogers clearly didn’t know anything about Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf philosophical recommendations of gentle natural art for children.)


Some of the cards are action cards which, along with the red light card, spices up the game. For example, if you draw the Mr. Rogers card you have to share something with your neighbor, like give a compliment or do an act of service. So cute! If you get the Daniel Striped Tiger card you get to peek at your neighbor’s hand. The game left all of us smiling, laughing, or having sparkly eyes at least once. Even the sometimes surly 15 year old, who won the first time we played.  I give it five out of five stars! I think I will ask the kiddos to help me collaborate and assign special actions to each card.


For ambience during the game, put on this chill Mr. Rogers swing music here, or play the fun videos below to enhance your Mr. Rogers’ evening. After all, as he says in the video just below, music was very important to Mr. Rogers.

If you really want to get into it, read the picture book

Fred's Big Feelings: The Life and Legacy of Mister Rogers


or watch the Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers movie before the game, and have a beautiful day in your neighborhood!





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