The Latest From the Duggars: How to Be Loving Parents, and a Home Tour from Jessa Duggar Seewald

Since blogging the words that have the strikethrough below, the owners of the video I originally referred to took it down from YouTube. It was Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar being interviewed by Jessa Duggar Seewald, one of their daughters. Darn, I hadn’t even finished watching it. The bullet list I posted below was what I had noticed in it after watching just half of it.

But great news, guys! I found some videos from the YouTube channel of Jessa. These videos share a lot of what was in the original video

Video #1,  above is Jessa’s video she just made to share memories of her mother. So you can learn some mother mentoring tips of Michelle, via Jessa. In this video, Jessa talks about how as a kid she didn’t like going grocery shopping with her mom because it would take three hours, as her mom stopped to chat with people. So, true story: I have a friend here at church whose parents live in Arkansas. She says one time she was visiting her parents a few years ago and went to a Wal-Mart in northwest Arkansas. As she was using the restroom she heard a familiar voice outside the stall, in the restroom. It turned out to be none other than Michelle. Evidence of what Jessa mentions in the video, LOL!

Video #2, below is Jessa’s video of memories of her father. Both those videos contain tips on how to mentor and connect with children as parents. I’m hoping/thinking/wishing that everything I put in the bullet list is in these two videos. I haven’t watched them both completely yet.

Then next in this post I have a cute video, Video #3, about how Jessa’s father and the older boys remodeled the home he and Michelle gave? or lent? or rented? to Jessa after she got married to Ben Seewald. This is a home that Jim Bob’s mother, Mary bought. I believe the Duggars lived in it for a time, before they built the big house, and then Josh and Anna lived in it after they were first married. After Josh and Anna moved out, to go to D.C., Jim Bob remodeled it for newlyweds Jessa and Ben. I just think it’s so fun that the family was there to greet Jessa and Ben when they arrived home from their honeymoon and the family got to see them see the renovations. I guess some people would be mad about that to come home and have the house full of family but I think it’s sweet.

Video #4 is of the newlyweds after they get all their stuff in and decorate it, before the babies come.

Video #5 is of the home today, very well lived in by Jessa, Ben, and their three darling kiddos. Jessa and her son Spurgeon give a tour of the home, first when it’s messy, and then again after it’s cleaned up. Spurgeon is so adorable with his descriptions of the honey and the bathtub. He reminds me of my five boys when they were little, so full of explanations. So cute!

Here’s a brand-new video from the Duggars, some of the most experienced Christian parents on the planet. They gave this question and answer session with daughter Jessa Duggar Seewald last Monday, 4/27/20, as part of the annual homeschool conference they attend in Big Sandy TX. Because of the pandemic the conference didn’t happen person-to-person, but was livestreamed and then recorded. So watch above to see the one from the Duggars.  They have suggestions on the following:

  • how to do family devotionals
  • how to memorize scriptures with children
  • praying with children
  • helping children deal with electronic devices
  • how to mentor children by talking heart-to-heart
  • how to practice hospitality with a family

I don’t agree with all of the Duggars’ beliefs but I do believe we can all learn a lot from Jessa telling about these experienced parents of 20 children (19 biological plus one foster son/grandnephew).

Finally, here’s Jessa on how to have hospitality, which reflects what she learned from her parents. Her little baby girl sitting by her, oh my, she’s melt-your-heart adorbs!

Then here’s how to DIY the canvas prints  of her kids that you see in the background above the couch she’s sitting on. So beautiful!




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