#abookandagameaday, Thurs. 4/30/20, still social distancing, Tolkien and Hero Double Ditto

This is a fun picture book bio of J.R.R. Tolkien. I didn’t know he was an orphan who met his future wife at boarding school. I read it to Bugsy for a bedtime story. I love that he put all his imaginations into his adult life to inspire a sense of adventure and heroism in his readers. The illustrations are amazing and detailed. The back of the book has a page with a key as to how they relate to Tolkien.

For my game of the day, I played Hero Double Ditto. I used the idea from this game and adapted it to my Hero class which met online. I just made categories relating to our class and tossed them out. I love this game because you can adapt it to any setting. You can research and learn how to play and then DIY your own cards.

image credit: amazon.com

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