Combating Error with Book of Mormon Principles

I listened to the podcast episode above just this past week. It corresponds with this past week’s Come, Follow Me Study of Alma 30-31 in the Book of Mormon. It features Rod Meldrum, founder of the FIRM Foundation, with Dean Sessions, the author of the Universal Model (UM). I’ve been reading from Vol 1 and Vol 2 of the UM for a few years now. I love these books! I am coming into more and more light by reading them. I first discovered the Universal Model when I met Dean and Rod at a cottage meeting here in rural AZ three years ago. You can read about that here. It was certainly a magical evening. One of those times when you feel like heavenly music is playing as you meet people and encounter new truths. I felt God’s hand in getting me there, overcoming many obstacles.

Dean and Rod point out (around the 39:17 mark) that Korihor taught ideas that are being taught today (I like that the video shows the page of the annotated Book of Mormon that they are referring to, and it shows these word labels after each phrase):







These are all false. They are prevalent today, seeming to be “modern” but they have been around for hundreds of years. These ideas lead people away from Christ. Mormon put this story in the Book of Mormon so we can learn how not to get suckered into these false ideas. The Book of Mormon shows how Alma combated Korihor’s false teachings. Alma bore his testimony of Jesus Christ and refused to get entrapped in these evil ideas.

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