Did You See This: Elder Christofferson Reminds Us of Government’s Role in Religion

Elder Christofferson gave this talk four years ago but we need to hear and apply it today more than ever.

Did you all see/hear this? It happened four years ago at America’s Freedom Festival but we need to apply it, now more than ever.

Key points:

-religion is interwoven in America’s heritage. Those who deny that don’t know American history.

-advocates of abolition of slavery and civil rights for all Americans based their arguments on religious teachings. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used the Bible to promote his cause.

-government is not supposed to be skeptical of religion, but allow it to have a voice in public debates, as it should for non-religious viewpoints

-a law does not become unconstitutional when it coincides with religious principles. Otherwise we couldn’t have laws punishing murder and theft.”

He quoted Dr. King as writing in his famous letter from Birmingham Jail, “human progress … comes through the tireless efforts and persistent work of men willing to be co-workers with God.”

Read the whole talk here.

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