The Book of Revelations Revealed

Have any of you seen the NEOWISE comet yet? I’m wondering it it’s a sign of the times.

Perhaps the book of Revelations from the Bible says something about it. Not by name, but with some kind of symbolism that is veiled for our modern eyes.

Do you want some help understanding Biblical prophecy for these dynamic times?

The book pictured above will help you understand Revelations. I put some videos by the author, Michael B. Rush, below.

His website is here. I suggest you go there and listen to the audio file he has there that is a sample from his book. He says it’s best to read his other two books first before you read his book about Revelations. Those two books are pictured below.

A Remnant Shall Return - 2018 Edition: A Study of the Restoration of the House of Israel Kindle Edition
Eleven: Daniel 11 by [Michael B Rush]
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