Some Fun Little Women Resources You Might Like

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-the cookbook above

-the website for Orchard House, with some links to video tours, some for a fee. Since the pandemic, the director of OH has been conducting some Facebook Live videos, found here.

-this documentary, with the trailer above, about Orchard House, won an Emmy. Jan Turnquist, the director of Orchard House, produced it. Jan is featured below in a fun lecture.

-this podcast interview that Sarah Mackenzie did with Jan. Jan clears up some confusion about the book. Little Women and its original sequel, Good Wives, were published separately, but eventually in the United States, they were put together in one volume. In Britain, and elsewhere, they were published separately.

british little women good wives

-you can get another Little Women Cookbook here

Little Women Cover

-you can get Little Women paper dolls, from the authors of the above cookbook, for free

Meg is here.

Jo is here.

Beth is here.

Amy is here.

Long live Little Women! If you missed my review of the 2019 movie, go here.

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