When Have You Felt the Power of Jesus Christ?

I just love this last week’s episode of Don’t Miss This for Come, Follow Me, about the Book of Mormon. This past week’s reading was about the Savior’s visit to the people living in the Americas, after His resurrection, in 3 Nephi 11. At the 41 minute mark, Emily Belle Freeman, in the video above, tells this sweet story of a time when she felt the power of Jesus Christ in her life. It brings me to tears every time I listen. Then she also tells the story of her friend who passed away this past year from cancer. Her husband played music in their home to flood her life with the comforting influence of the Holy Spirit. The song below was one of them. When I first heard this song over ten years ago it also brought tears to my eyes. It is just so sweet! May we all find moments, even lengthy periods of time, when we will dance for Jesus, even amidst tears of sorrow. Because of Him, all of our sorrows are never permanent.

I love that 3 Nephi 11 describes the Savior’s voice. It was not harsh. It was small and quiet. So in order for us to Hear his voice, we have to put ourselves in places and positions where we can hear and feel gentleness, quiet, and peace. That means eliminating distractions. When I have done this in my life, I have definitely felt His love and peace. There is nothing else like Him and His influence. He creates beauty where there is ashes, hope where there is despair, forgiveness when there is hurt, healing where there is pain, and joy for sorrow. I invite you to come unto Him and see and feel for yourself. Read the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ with an honest heart and you will feel His Spirit. You will know the power of Jesus for yourself.

These are they lyrics to the song, I Can Only Imagine

This is the story behind the song.

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