Sharing Light for the Path

I had a wonderful weekend last week in the form of a girlfriend getaway to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It was heavenly! Six of us escaped for three days into the woods at a cabin.

Laughter, games, yummy food, sharing and learning truths filled our days. I invited each participant to share what was on her heart. some topic she is passionate about. We learned about building marriage, healing with homeopathy, family history, and Korean and Chinese languages.

Plus we sauntered in the forest, watched five out of the six episodes of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and played tabletop games.

My cup of receiving love is overflowing! There’s nothing like an extended sleepover party with girlfriends to make my heart happy.

I had finished reading last week’s Come Follow Me reading assignment early so I decided to read randomly from the Book of Mormon. I picked Alma 1. It relates so much to today! The believers of Christ were persecuted. Despite the persecution, they still experienced peace. They were steadfast and immovable. They took care of the poor and needy, turning none away. They abounded in prosperity with grain and other material goods. How were they able to do this?

I believe the key was this: they shared what they were learning with each other. They took time from their daily duties to teach and learn. The teacher was no better than they learner. They were equal. As it says in Alma 1:23:

“,,,for the preacher was no better than the hearer, neither was the teacher any better than the learner; and thus they were all equal, and they did all labor, every man according to his strength.”

That’s how I view DIY mom retreats. We take a break from our daily duties, as the priests did in Alma 1:26. Instead of bringing in outside speakers, we, the moms in my community (whether it’s the community of my homeschool group, or the moms of my girlfriends’ group) are the speakers, or “preachers.” We impart the truths of what we are currently passionate about. Then we feel strengthened to go out and “return again diligently” to our labors. We prosper as we apply what we learned. having enough to share so that we give to the needy and turn none away.

This is how learning and teaching should be everywhere! I love that it is the model for BYUI. I love that this model of learning and teaching encourages people who don’t usually feel like they have a voice to share what they are learning. You never know what person might have the light you need for your path in life. Setting aside time to share allows me to discover what’s in my girlfriends’ hearts. We didn’t finish sharing so we are going to meet online to finish. I can’t wait!

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