Inspiration and Motivation for The Winter Ahead

The Lifegiving Table Audiobook By Sally Clarkson cover art

So it’s starting to feel winter here in Utah. Ugh. This is partly why I moved to sunny south Arizona five years ago. I only moved back to Utah in August because God told me to. Otherwise I would still be in AZ, enjoying the balmy falls and winters. I get gloomy with overcast skies unless I am ultra proactive. Here’s what the weather was like last week at my cabin birthday retreat.

So what am I doing?

First and foremost, I am listening to the above book in Audible. It helps me feel excited, even after almost 30 years, about being a full-time homemaker and stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. If you are like me, I’m sure you’ll like it too!

What else am I doing to combat the winter blues?

doing family history research

listening to podcasts. Some of my favorites: Nancy Campbell’s From Our Home to Yours, Trim Healthy Mama, Wallbuilders, Mission Driven Mom by Audrey Rindlisbacher, Book of Mormon Evidence, Don’t Miss This, and Sally Clarkson’s At Home With Sally.

reading books to myself

reading aloud picture books to my children

weekly trips to the public library

listening to the free Jane Austen course from Hillsdale College

playing board games with my children

reaching out to people via phone, email, and text


serving my children with food and conversation

having regular Zoom and in-person meetings with friends and family

crafting and sewing for myself and others

serving others outside the home

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