Black Friday Sale on Educational Resources for Liberty-based Families…All the Tuttle Twins Books Plus New Related Books!

If you want resources to get educated on principles of liberty, for yourself and your family, this is the deal for you. Please read this message below from Connor Boyack, the creator of the above resources, including the Tuttle Twins books.

This massive deal has been in the works for quite a while.

Those three new guidebooks? We’ve been working on them for two years.

They’re perfect for teens (and young adults) and are packed full of helpful information about:

  • Stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and how they overcame challenges
  • Tales of courageous heroes and how their lives can be an example for us
  • Logical fallacies and how to spot bad arguments that prevent us from learning truth

We also have brand new parent guides that provide helpful information about each of our children’s books, so the adults can learn even more and better help their children learn as well. These are going to be an amazing resource to help you.

And speaking of helping you…

We’ve also got a brand new 115-page e-book where we have rebuttals to 40 of the top economic and political myths… 

Tons of great learning opportunities here.

But that’s not it — the Black Friday deal also has ALL of our children’s books, the activity workbooks, and the audiobooks as well. 

It’s a ton of content for a screaming deal. But the deadline approaches. It’s midnight MST on Black Friday Nov. 27.

Grab this deal for a crazy low price before it goes away, by clicking here.

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