Last-Minute Thanksgiving Resources

Here’s a last-minute round-up of Thanksgiving resources.

The perfect recipe for a perfect turkey, from Heather Woods.

Gluten-free recipes of holiday faves are here, courtesy of Mommypotamus blogger Heather Dessinger. She’s got stuffing without bread (amazing!), pumpkin pie, and more! They all look delicious.

A super easy way to have grain-free pumpkin pie is to just go crustless. I use the Healthy Home Economist’s pumpkin pie recipe here and just put the filling in a well-buttered pie dish. I decorate generously with whipped cream and don’t miss the crust!

Beautiful printable gratitude declarations and Thanksgiving dinner conversation starter place cards are here, from my friend Katie Hansen of and

Thank-you card printables are here, courtesy of blogger Jennifer Flanders. They are beautiful, Victorian style.

Thanksgiving-themed games are here. For ready-made Thanksgiving Scattergories, go here, again courtesy of Jennifer Flanders. Her ultimate Thanksgiving printable bundle is here. I highly recommend you sign up for Heather, Katie, and Jennifer’s mailing lists on their web sites.

I also suggest listening to the prophet President Nelson’s video below with his invitation to give thanks, then complete the #GiveThanks challenge.

Did you know this year marks the 400th year anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth? Here is a great website about the Pilgrims’ Quadricentennial. It has free documents to download to read aloud with your family, full of primary sources, and videos to watch. It’s so important we teach our children the sacredness of the Mayflower Compact and the Pilgrims’ search for liberty.

I also recommend listening to William Bradford’s own words, his “History of Plimoth Plantation.”

It’s totally OK to keep reading about Thanksgiving and Pilgrims after the Feast Day. I have a bunch of Thanksgiving and Christmas picture books that I’ll be reading throughout November, December, and even into January and February. Here is my Thanksgiving list and here is my Christmas list.


Lastly, to help preserve liberty today, I highly recommend getting Connor Boyack’s Black Friday deal, to teach yourself and your family about how to apply the principle of liberty in real life. Go here to learn more. Full disclosure: that is an affiliate link so I do get a commission if buy the deal.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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