Tips from Bestelling Writer Brandon Sanderson

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A bunch of my children, maybe all of them, love to read Brandon Sanderson. He’s written several bestselling fantasy books. Did you know he teaches creative writing at BYU? I watched the first lecture and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun to hear him say that he went out to dinner with Brandon Mull and Shannon Hale. His wife didn’t like it though, as they “talked shop” and she felt ignored. Oh to be a fly on the wall at such a gathering!

May we all be inspired by Brandon and bring out our inner writer with the sharing of his genius.

I’m also inspired by his testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Last Sunday, he did a presentation with the folks at The Road to Hope and Peace, on Facebook. Find it here. (If that link doesn’t work, go to Facebook, do a search for “The Road to Hope and Peace.” It will say “religious organization.” Then do a search on that group’s page for the video entitled, “Why I Believe With Brandon Sanderson.”)

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1 Response to Tips from Bestelling Writer Brandon Sanderson

  1. I didn’t like his work at first, but I’m glad I gave it a second chance, because after passing the hard intros, I was able to follow and enjoy the story much more. Now I’ve watched all of his lectures.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!


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