Gluten-free Spaghetti Casserole

This is my version of the Zaghetti recipe, p. 156 of the new Trim Healthy Future cookbook by Rashida Simpson. I am loving this book! It has so many fun recipes, like gummy worms, fish sticks, and sweet potato fries, all THM-ified.

On to the recipe…if you don’t want to bake it, then just serve the meat and sauce (thinned with water to desired consistency) over the zucchini noodles without baking like regular spaghetti.

4 small zucchinis, spiralized with a spiralizer, or cut very thinly into matchsticks

1 c ground beef

8 oz. mushrooms

2 c grated cheese

1 T garlic powder

1 T Italian seasoning

1/2 t mineral salt

1/2 t ground black pepper

Two 12-oz. cans tomato paste

Grease a 9×13 baking dish. Chop mushrooms into bite-size pieces. Cook with ground beef until browned. While that mixture is cooking, spiralize or cut the zucchini and put in mixing bowl. Rinse mushroom/beef mixture in colander to wash off the fat unless you are using grass-finished beef. That gets rid of the toxins that accumulate in the fat. Put mixture in mixing bowl of zucchini. Add tomato paste and seasonings to mixing bowl. Thoroughly mix all together. Put in baking dish. Top with your favorite cheese. Bake at 425 degrees, 35-40 minutes until cheese is golden brown. Enjoy on a bed of greens and serve with butter and bread to people who don’t have weight issues. If you have weight issues then enjoy without the bread and butter.

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