January 2021 Classics: Out of the Best Books


My mom told me about the above book, as she’s reading it too. Someone gave it to her as a Christmas gift. I am loving it! It’s a great story about family life, aboard a boat, for a year. I often bemoan the fact that there aren’t too many stories out there about real family life. This is one! It also shows real marriage in action. I love it. I love that these people decided to pursue their dream. And they homeschool! I read a chapter or two every night before I sleep.


I love Emily Belle Freeman’s Don’t Miss This stuff. So I decided to check out this book by her, above. I love the idea of having a special celebratory snack+ discussion every month with the family gathered around. Each of these celebrations is based on a story in the scriptures about Jesus being in a home. What a wonderful idea.

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I stumbled across this one at my public library. Each chapter has a story and a lesson. It’s preachy, but so far the preach-iness is soft.

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My friend Katie told me about this one above. It’s waiting for me to pick up at the public library.


This one is leftover from my Christmas fiction book binge. It’s a sequel. It doesn’t quite jive with its prequel. Was the editor asleep? Enjoyable, nonetheless. I read a little every night, along with Seven at Sea.


I’m reading aloud the abridged version of P&P to my two youngest kiddos. I think they secretly like it but won’t admit it. Then we have the Christmas Jars Reunion, below. We’re almost done! It’s fun! A great sequel to Christmas Jars.


Then for my gospel reading, I’m reading my perennial favorite, The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, just five minutes a day, plus the Doctrine and Covenants and Come, Follow Me for the Doctrine and Covenants. Just a little every day. I love these books!


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Then I’m listening to some books on Audible. I’ve listed those over here, at the very bottom of the post. I listen to those on Saturdays.

What are you reading? I’d love to “hear” in the comments below.

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