Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Resources for Doctrine and Covenants 10-11

These are the videos I enjoyed for this week’s Come, Follow Me lesson on Doctrine and Covenants 10-11. It’s so amazing that God knows all things. Because of that, he knew the devil would worm his way into the Book of Mormon translation process. He knew the adversary would inspire people to steal the manuscript of the 116 pages that Martin Harris talked Joseph Smith into loaning him. God had the last laugh though. He created a backup plan. So when an evil person or people stole the manuscript, God wasn’t fazed. He could just shrug and say, “Yeah, satan thought he had me, but I’m always going to win.”

I always want to be on God’s side because He always has a plan to make up for my mistakes. He always wants the best for me. Ultimately it all goes down to the atonement of Jesus Christ. The devil wants me, and all of us, to be miserable like him, to the point that he has no backup plan if I make mistakes that he tempts me to make.

I was at a meeting last night and the material was so heavy. Everyone was feeling depressed. I could just feel it. Then the meeting organizer stood up after the presenter was done and said, “Remember to turn to Christ. Study His life. Be like Him. Do what He did. He is our hope.”

Immediately after she said that, I felt the Spirit rush into my heart, as if someone opened a door and the wind burst in. I felt an unmistakable feeling of peace, comfort, and love. I testify that Jesus is the source of all over, goodness, light, love, and life.

I love that in the above video, John quotes J.B. Haws as saying that the 116 pages weren’t “lost,” they were stolen. Why haven’t we used that term before?

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