Doctrine and Covenants Come Follow Me 12-13 and Joseph Smith History 1:65-75

Here are some videos I’ve enjoyed for this week’s lesson for Come, Follow Me. These resources increase my faith in Jesus Christ and his latter-day prophet Joseph Smith. In the video above and below Rod Meldrum has a guest, Hannah, the daughter of a friend of mine. She talks about the deceptions of Mark Hofmann, which I remember happening when I was growing up.

I love that David and Emily below talk about how Joseph Knight was such a great friend to Joseph, Emma, and Oliver. May we all be great friends like that to those in need.

In the video below, Taylor and Tyler also talk about Joseph Knight. They say we don’t have to have great wealth of money like Joseph Knight did to assist in the work. We each have great wealth of something, such as social energy or time. We can give of any of these things to build up Zion. I also love the story that Tyler tells at the very beginning, of a mortal ministering angel who felt prompted to bake banana bread and give it away. to someone who was craving it. She didn’t even know the man wanted it so badly. Or that it would help him in such a life and death situation. Such a sweet story! May we all be ministering angels to those around us.

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