Emma Smith the Heroine

I got my hair done two Fridays ago (a story in itself for another day, let’s just say, some people’s definition of “blond, halfway between honey blond and platinum blond,” is wildly different from others). How fun it was to come home from my near scathing hair mishap to the gift pictured above. A sugar cookie with the emblem of the Relief Society! How cute is that?! I broke all purist-y diet rules to consume the sugary, white flour-y, blue dye concoction. A talented woman in my neighborhood decorated it! I wondered why I got it and then remembered that March is the birthday month of Relief Society. All the women in my congregation got these amazing cookies to celebrate the women’s organization that Emma started, the Relief Society.

Image Credit: doctrineandcovenantscentral.org

I really loved all the talk last week about Emma Smith in all the gospel videos I watched. The above photo is a screenshot from a YouTube video that my husband’s cousin Lynne Hilton Wilson did. Just go to YouTube and do a search for “lynne hilton wilson” and watch the one for D&C 23-26. That’s the one Lynne did about Emma.

Did you know Emma was into all these things listed above? I sure didn’t! It’s so amazing that Emma was so courageous. I love that when she was forced to leave Missouri, she sacrificed her own comfort to bring the manuscript of Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible, hidden under her dress. Why did she do it? Because she knew her husband was a true prophet. I also think it’s amazing that she didn’t peek at the golden plates when they lay on the table in her kitchen under a cloth. She says she didn’t have to peek. She knew they were real. What faith!

This song about Emma, sung at the end, in this Don’t Miss This video, is just so sweet! The whole video is great but if you want to just hear the song, sung by a sister missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, go to the 36:23 mark. It echoes my feelings about her exactly. May she rest in peace, for truly as the song asks, “How much can one heart take?” Thank you Emma for your faith, courage and devotion.

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