Calling All Holistic Families! Join the New Family-based Homeopathy Class: Teach Me Health and Homeopathy by the Lovely, Amazing Paola Brown M.Ed.

What makes great health? We all want it, but how do we keep it, or get it back after we lose it?

Please watch the video below to learn about illness and the role it plays in robust health.

If you agree with the above video, you will want to take this online class! It’s for children and adults! Ages 6-96! Best taken in a family setting!

Would you like you to teach your children about the best medicine, one that is natural and has no side-effects?

Would you like to create a drug-free legacy of robust health that lasts for generations?

Would you like to study a medicine with your children that has been used by famous historical figures like Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Louisa May Alcott, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Dizzy Gillespie, and Henry David Thoreau?

Meet the medicine of homeopathy. It’s the medicine we’ve always wanted! It is kind. It is powerful! It can act in minutes for acute conditions. It gets to the root of the problem and eliminates symptoms of both chronic and acute illnesses. It does not leave damage in its wake like antibiotics and vaccines do. 

Come learn about this amazing medicine with a fabulous curriculum in the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy Class!

It is a family-based curriculum for kids and adults! 
Homeopathy is science based. It involves natural laws. Sometimes it seems complicated, I admit. I didn’t understand it when I first used it. Now we have a way to make it easy to super easy to understand for children (and adults)!

This class has two fees. The tuition fee and the curriculum fee.

The $150-$200 tuition family fee is for all members of the same family who live under the same roof. This is for ages 6-96!

An additional cost is the curriculum fee for each family.

The cost of the curriculum bundle without the teachers manual is $170, but depending on our group size, you can get between 7.5-15% off your materials. 

We will need a minimum of 15 families to enroll for us to be able to get the full discount.

If we get 5+ families in the class, the discount is 7.5% off, so then the curriculum bundle is $157.25.

If we get 10+ families in the class, the discount is 13.5% off, so then it is $147.05.

If we get 15+ families in the class, the discount is 15% off, so then it is $144.50.

So please encourage your like-minded friends to join!

Tell all your friends!

This curriculum involves:

-nature journaling (each student buys own blank journal, not part of the bundle)

-art activities

-science experiments

-read aloud stories, in print and audiobook format (audiobook format extra cost)

-catchy music (bought separately)

-flash cards

-fun games

-lifetime access to exciting videos

Adults without kids can take it too! If your younger than 12 child participates, parent or grandparent participation is required (no extra cost).  Ages 12 and up can take it without a parent, but parent/grandparent participation is strongly encouraged for all children.

What are the logistics?

The class involves two 8-week cycles of the class, held over Zoom

These 16 weeks (2 x 8-week cycles = 16 weeks) cost $150-$200 depending on when you register. Early bird price is $150, regular price is $200! Late registration price is $300.

Note: Every student should have their own appropriately leveled student workbook. If you have only one student attending this class, your workbook will be included in the student bundle. If you have more than one child, be sure to get additional workbooks for each of your students. 

The curriculum involves a total of 46 lessons, which is covered by the complete 16 weeks. (2 x 8 weeks = 16)

Pick which day you want to attend: Tuesdays or Thursdays, 2 to 4 PM Utah time, held over zoom (online), so geography is not a problem!

Tuesday Class

Cycle 1 (the first 8 weeks) of Tuesday Class Starts Tuesday 4/6 and ends Tuesday 5/25

-then we have have a summer break, and take off June and July

Cycle 2 (the second 8 weeks) of Tuesday Class Starts September 2021 and ends Nov. 2021

Thursday Class

Cycle 1 of Thursday Class Starts Thurs 4/8 and ends Thursday 5/27

-then we have a summer break-

Cycle 2 of Thursday Class Starts September 2021 and ends Nov. 2021.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

Here are the Units:

Unit 1: The Terrain is Everything (Louis Pasteur vs. Michel Beauchamp)

Unit 2: Foundational Principles of Homeopathy

Unit 3: The Laws of Homeopathy

Unit 4: Homeopathic Remedies for Accidents

Act now to save $100 before the late fee applies!

Register for Tuesday class HERE!

Register for the Thursday class HERE!

Regular price of family tuition is $200 to be paid by midnight Utah time Tuesday March 30! So don’t delay! After that the price goes up to $300!

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5 Responses to Calling All Holistic Families! Join the New Family-based Homeopathy Class: Teach Me Health and Homeopathy by the Lovely, Amazing Paola Brown M.Ed.

  1. rmharper27 says:

    Is there a possibility of this class being offered in the future? I’m very interested but I just learned about it and don’t think I can squeeze it into the schedule right now. Thank you!


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