Natural Vaccinations: There is Such a Thing

A friend of mine taking the Teach me Health and Homeopathy Class by Paola Brown that I’m facilitating asked a question in behalf of her friend, “Have you learned about the homeopathic remedies for childhood vaccinations?”

Here’s my answer, “Yes!”

Cilla Whatcott is the “go-to girl” about this. She wrote a whole book about the answer, pictured above. According to Sarah Pope at, “Cilla PhD, HD RHom, CCH is a classical homeopath, instructor at Normandale Community College, mother of several adopted children from around the world and advocate for safer healthcare. She is the founder of the website Real Immunity. Cilla holds a B.A. degree from Arizona State University and a PhD from Kingdom College of Natural Health. She is also a graduate of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN.”

I highly encourage you to to Cilla’s site, Real Immunity and get her DVDs and watch them to learn about real immunity. Read her book above about alternatives to childhood vaccinations. Listen to her interviews below. She has another book here, pictured below.

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Here’s an interview here with her about “Inspiring Families to Heal and Thrive” at the Discover Your Talent podcast.

This podcast features Cilla on homeopathic treatment and vaccine alternatives (homeoprophylaxis) for you-know-what.

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