Un-cancel Culture Sale of Liberty-defending Books

Just click on this image above to buy these liberty-defending books on sale!

Here are some important words from Connor Boyack:

“The woke mob came for Dr. Seuss, saying that some of his older books are not ‘proper’ and don’t conform to modern standards.

So the Babylon Bee had some fun with it, pointing their readers to more children’s books that should be cancelled…

And the Tuttle Twins made it on the list, of course.

‘Free markets? Individual responsibility? American history? Are you kidding? Where do we even start? We literally can’t even with this one.

It was good for a laugh, as satire should be—but it’s a serious issue. And it’s one that we feel strongly about. Because there are many people out there who want to shout you down, silence you, and ignore the ideas you believe in.

We want you to protect your kids from Cancel Culture — so we’re doing a huge ‘Un-Cancel Culture’ sale — with over 75% OFF! No coupon needed! Here’s what’s included in this huge sale:

  • All 11 of our illustrated, story-based children’s books
  • All 3 of our brand new toddler books
  • All 11 new parent guides that help adults better understand (and talk to their kids about) the ideas in our children’s books
  • All 11 activity workbooks (so the kids can keep learning the new ideas in the books)
  • All 11 audiobooks (listen along while you read!)
  • Our massive Tuttle Rebuttals e-book full of responses to common political and economic myths you hear in the media and in schools

All of this for just $77.88.”

Just click here to get these liberty-defending books by Connor, to teach you and your children the important values of free markets, individual responsibility, and true American history.

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