What Does Homeopathy Have to Do With Little House on the Prairie?

What do the Little House books have to do with homeopathy? Thanks to Paola Brown, I learned the connection!

Did you know that the black doctor in the end of Little House on the Prairie, the one who took care of Laura’s family when they got “fever n’ague” (aka malaria) was a homeopathic physician? His name was Dr. Tann. He was a real life person. i never knew that! Here is his gravestone.

Homeopathic schools in the 1800s allowed blacks to attend, something radical in those days. That is probably because many homeopathic advocates, such as Thoreau, Emerson, the Stowe Family, and Louisa May Alcott were also abolitionists. The first female black doctor in America was a homeopathic doctor as well, according to Paola.

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Photo Credit: paolabrown.com/game/

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