Be a Bionic Woman: Use Homeopathy

I’m still basking in the glow of the amazing Homeopathy on the Hill event I participated in on Thursday 4/22/21. Basically, 700 homeopathy advocates, both consumers and practitioners of homeopathic drugs, joined forces to have phone and online meetings with Congressional staffers. We communicated to these staffers our reasons that homeopathic drugs should be protected by the FDA and not outlawed. We asked the staffers to tell the Congress people they work with to collaborate to restore a 1979 bill to keep homeopathic drugs legal. Already, some homeopathic drugs are being blocked by the FDA, and we want to stop any more from being blocked. This is just the beginning of the campaign!

I’m grateful for Paola Brown as president of Americans for Homeopathy Choice for leading the fight. Paola accomplished a Herculean task. Kudos to her and her team!

Anyway, for the capstone of the event, we got to hear from Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman. She appeared on Zoom for all of the participants to see and hear her story of using homeopathy. Wow! Can you believe she’s 71? Someone in the Zoom room showed us all her Bionic Woman lunch box. That’s the photo at the top. Lindsay looks the same on the lunch box from decades ago as she does today!

Book Cover Image Credit:

It must be her use of homeopathy that keeps her so young! She told her story of discovering homeopathy in the early 1980s. She first used it for some emotional issues and then turned to it for her delivery of her first baby and then for her children’s health issues. She said that when her children were little, they knew if they had aches or pains to bring “the yellow book” to Lindsay to ask her for help. It’s the book above, by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman. It was so fun to see that Dana was in the zoom room so he could see/hear this acknowledgement from Lindsay that she relied on his book to be a Dr. Mom.

If you are curious about becoming a Dr. Mom yourself with homeopathy (HP), I encourage you to sign up for Paola Brown’s Homeopathy for Moms Book Club. I’m starting it on Tuesday May 11 so don’t delay! Go here to get all the details!

I also just discovered this wonderful resource about homeopathy here, a collection of HP videos from Paola has a video in the collection, and so does Joette Calabrese.

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1 Response to Be a Bionic Woman: Use Homeopathy

  1. Mario Boonstra says:

    I have been very fortunate to be able to attend the Zoom meeting with Paola and Lindsay Wagner.
    And I enjoyed every minute with Lindsay and the amazing people in the US who put their very best effort in to keep homeopathy available for future generations.
    I believe they will also set the score for many communities around the world some of which are closely following what’s happening now in the US.

    As a big Lindsay Wagner fan I was very nervous but also very exited and over joyed to see Lindsay live for the first time ever.
    And what a lovely and wonderful being she is.
    Lindsay has been my menthor and major source of inspiration for over 45 years.
    Recently I am experiencing many big changes in my life, and it’s really amazing at times.
    This zoom meeting is one of these amazing changes as again Lindsay has sent me on a path completely changing direction and perception.
    You see I was scheduled for surgery in a dew days time.
    After the meeting I did some reasearch and found that my ailment can be excellently treated with homeopathy.
    And so I decided to follow the homeopathic route.
    I have contacted the hospital and postponed my surgery.
    And I have set up an appointment with a local homeopath.
    This is all very new to me but I will have faith.
    Because I believe my menthor is at my side.

    Kindest regards from the UK.


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