Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

I had never thought about doing my own graduation ceremony for my homeschooling “senior” until I watched a clip from the Duggars’ show, “19 Kids and Counting.” I think it’s a great idea! Maybe my younger kids will let me do it for them. My love of language is words of affirmation and quality time. So far nobody else in the family seems to show that love language so a graduation ceremony doesn’t matter to them. But maybe if I combine the ceremony with other love languages, like food or gifts, they’ll let me do it.

Sally Clarkson, in The Life Giving Home, pictured at the top, has detailed a complete commencement/graduation ceremony. You can listen to it right now if you sign up for and find the audiobook there. It’s in Chapter 8.

Then if you go here you can read some of the gifts the Clarkson family bestows on the graduate for their homeschool graduation ceremony. Scroll down to the heading “Gifts for Our Home Graduation Ceremony.” I love that Sally has a scripture for each gift. You could assemble as many gifts as you want using her ideas and read aloud a scripture before bestowing each gift on your young adult. What a great memorable rite of passage, home-grown and customized to your child.

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