The Law of the Terrain and is the Germ Theory a Hoax?

I’ve been learning a lot about health lately by teaching Paola Brown’s Teach Me Health and Homeopathy curriculum for children.

Unit 1 is all about terrain theory. It’s totally providential that just a few days after I taught one of the classes, I got to talk to this guy in these videos. The main topic of the class was the debate between Germ Theory as proposed by Louis Pasteur and Terrain Theory, as proposed by Antoine Bechamp. His name is Robert Scott Bell. He is a homeopath advocate who also does a podcast about health. I was in a store buying raw milk and I heard his voice. He was stranding right in front of me talking to a store employee. I told him I recognized his voice and then found out he was there at the store (Redmond Farms Market) as the guest presenter for the store’s monthly presentation. He said he was speaking on how to let go of fear given the conditions of today.

Image Credit: Robert Scott Bell

The videos above and below have the same topic so I suppose this is the same speech. He’s so convincing that I have started calling terrain theory “The Law of the Terrain.” I have seen it in action and know it’s true. It’s no longer a theory to me, it’s a law.

If this fascinates you too I encourage you to register for Paola Brown’s Homeopathy for Moms Book Club. Go here to learn more. We start on Tues. 5/25. It’s all about the Law of the Terrain. We don’t have to be scared of germs. We have the power and birthright to nourish our terrain , with nutrient dense foods and godly thoughts. We can live in peace. As Dr. Christopher said, “There are no incurable diseases, just incurable minds.”

Image Credit:

I also encourage you to listen to this podcast about how Pasteur was a liar and plagiarist, presented by Dr. Barre Lando.

Part 1 of his podcast, “Bechamp vs. Pasteur & Germ Theory Hoax” is here. Part 2 is here.

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