5/28/21 Tree of Life Mama Book of the Week: Who is Your Doctor and Why? by Dr. Alonzo Jay Shadman

Read this free here in scribd.com

I heard about this book from Paola Brown. It’s amazing!

The author’s main point of the book is to ask yourself why your doctor is your doctor. Is your doctor your doctor simply because of his or her title of “Dr.”? Or is your doctor your doctor because he or she actually cures disease by using laws of nature? He says if your doctor is a homeopath, you are fortunate. If not, ask him to read his book to learn the laws of nature for curing, primarily, like cures like.

Even though it was published in 1958, it still rings true today. Here are some quotable quotes from the book:

“I know of many families who have not had a doctor for years, because of advice given them that is contained in this book. Before that, their apprehension and fear of sickness cost them hundreds of dollars each year for doctors and drugs.”

“Is it worth living to an old age? ‘Whom the gods love dies young,’ say the Greeks. But Shadman says, ‘You don’t really begin to get a bang out of life’ til you’re eighty.’ I think most people would prefer to live to a ripe old age. There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t if they are willing to live right, keep warm, and stay away from drugs. So don’t get sick. This book has told you how to maintain your health.”

“Bad health and its resultant shortening of your life come generally from two directions: from doctors and drugmakers and from another party. This other party is particularly vicious because he has no profit to be gained from murdering you. All he wants is for you to eat wrong, drink wrong,and smoke. Do you recognize him? He’s none other than a part of yourself.”

Wow, did a doctor ever say more cogent words? Way to call it like it is, Dr. Shadman! I also love the idea that “you don’t really get a bang out of life til 80!”

As a surgeon and head of a 150+ bed hospital in Boston, he was a medical prophet. He spoke out against the dangers of x-rays, sulfa drugs, and was proven correct.

He compared the use of allopathic medicine with homeopathic medicine and found the latter to give better results, far and away, hands down.

He also says that he feared germs just as much as anyone when he started medical school. But in his later years as a practicing doctor he began to question germ theory. He saw homeopathy (HP) cure malaria when the regular medical dose of quinine didn’t touch it. He says he even saw a Boston medical doctor grow the plasmodium germ in a quinine solution. He also says he saw typhoid cured by homeopathy in contrast to patients with typhoid dying when treated with the regular medical treatment of the drug salol. He claims that he never lost a patient to pneumonia when treated with HP. By contrast, the mortality rate of pneumonia patients with regular medical treatment was 29%. He saw HP cure cerebral meningitis when allopathic treatment didn’t. He says that he used to scrub his hands with a germicidal solution, which left them raw and chapped. When he switched to plain soap and water and rinsing with alcohol, his skin improved and nobody got sicker. He also stopped cleaning patients’ wounds with germicides and just changed dressings more frequently. All of these observations led him to the following conclusion:

“Germs are not the cause but the result of disease.”

Here is a rundown of what’s in the book:

He starts off with the question that is the book’s title. That launches into a history of medicine and a history of homeopathy. Then he describes the two kinds of doctors, the allopathic doctor and the homeopathic doctor.

With that description of those two kinds of doctors as a framework, he then covers common medical topics, devoting a chapter to each. Things like:


-how drugs are sold


-common cold


-injuries and burns


-food and drink



-having a baby (this part ends with an incredible story of how he delivered a baby that grew in his or her mother’s abdominal cavity instead of the uterus!)

The back of the book has a great compilation of homeopathic remedies for the common ailments, 190 pages, for home first aid treatment.

It costs over $800 in amazon to get a new copy, $100 used. But guess what? You can read it free in scribd. com. Sign up here, using my link, and you can have two months for free, to read it along with hundreds of other books. scribd.com is the biggest source of books, magazines, sheet music, audio books, and documents, all in digital format. After your 60 day free trial, you pay $9.99 a month to continue to have unlimited access to all these resources. So sign up, set an alarm on your phone to go off in 57 days, and evaluate if you want to start paying the $9.99 a month. (Full disclosure, that is an affiliate link. If you sign up, I get a free month. It’s win/win for both of us.)

Armed with the knowledge you gain from this book, you will be able to deal with a myriad of acute cases for your family. If you are a Dr. Mom, it belongs on your shelf, even if just digitally, through scribd, as much as Dr. Robert Mendelsohn’s How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor.

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1 Response to 5/28/21 Tree of Life Mama Book of the Week: Who is Your Doctor and Why? by Dr. Alonzo Jay Shadman

  1. Ann Fitzgerald says:

    I was a patient of Dr.Shadman twice before I was two years old in 1933 at his private hospital located in Forest Hills MA. He was a close friend of my father. First time I was a patient, I had a growth on my appendix and second time I had a streptoccus infection. He was an amazing person.


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