New Podcast Interview With The Chosen’s Director Dallas Jenkins

Why I, as a Latter-day Saint, am Helping Evangelicals Create the Hit TV Series THE CHOSEN

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If you haven’t been watching the TV series, The Chosen, you are missing out. I love The Chosen because it helps me know Jesus in a way I never have before. This series portrays Jesus in such a relatable way. I also love the little things I learn about how to be a wife and mom by watching the moms and wives in this series. Watching this show on the Sabbath Day adds to our family’s making the Sabbath a delight.

You can watch all the episodes of The Chosen here, on, as well from The Chosen app (find it in your favorite app store). My favorite episode so far is the Wedding at Cana. (Fun side note: one of my homeschooling mama friends and her family appear as extras in the actual wedding scene.)

One of my favorite homeschooling mama authors, Sally Clarkson, just released a new podcast interview with the director of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins.

Listen here and enjoy!


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