How to Achieve Your Dreams: Connect With Your Community

Oh my! The woman in this video above, Barb Sher, gives such an amazing presentation on how to achieve your dreams. She claims we achieve dreams not from having a positive attitude, but by having a community that you connect with by sharing your dream with them. That’s why the video is titled “Isolation is the Dream Killer.” Which gives new meaning to what we’ve all been through in 2020-21. How many dreams were stolen by you know what? I highly encourage you to watch this video. Her stories of people overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams are astounding. Especially her very last story at the end! Community indeed is so important to our happiness!

This video below is about people who love so many things, they don’t know what to focus on.

If you want more of Barb, go to her website here. It has links to a bunch of her recordings for free.

You can also read her book, Wishcraft, for free in, in PDF form. You can sign up for 90 days of for free. Read more about that here.

Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want
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