God Knows Each of Us, Our Desires, and How to Bless Us

We met up with a bunch of homeschooling friends in a canyon park this week. So picturesque! The rest of the pictures in this post are from my recent neighborhood walks.

I feel such a warm, loving glow in my heart whenever I think about the following story that I discovered in the Ensign, over here. I found it when I was compiling my Celestial Book of Family Devotionals. For my Sunday School reading last week, in the Come, Follow Me study guide for the Doctrine and Covenants, we were asked to read sections 64-66 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Section 66 is about William McLellin. He became interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ as restored by Joseph Smith.

In the process, William decided that he had five questions for God. Using these questions as a test, he went to Joseph Smith and asked him to ask God for a revelation for him. He hoped that this revelation Joseph would receive would answer his five questions. If his questions were answered he would know Joseph was a prophet.

The revelation, which we now now as Doctrine and Covenants section 66, answered his questions, because Joseph was a true prophet of God.

The study guide has this to say about section 66: “As you read section 66, think about what the Lord knew about William McLellin and the concerns and intents of his heart. How has the Lord revealed that He knows you?”

My neighbors have the most amazing garden! The planter boxes look like horse-feeding troughs. What a great idea!

I’ve had many instances where the Lord has revealed to me that He knows me. One is definitely my patriarchal blessing. The blessing has words in it that show me that the blessing came from inspiration of God. I had never met the patriarch before the time he gave me the blessing. No way could he have known the details about me in the blessing unless he was inspired of God.

I’ve had many other experiences that show me that God knows me. He has brought people and resources into my life that enhance my life perfectly, showing that He knows me, loves me, and knows what will bless my life immeasurably.

Then on my recent neighborhood walks I have discovered two Little Free Libraries. They are so cute! A Little Free Library is a box of books to share with anybody. You take a book home and replace it with a book to donate to the box. The above picture shows a picture book that tells the story of how they got started by founder Todd Bol. The picture below shows the author with a real Little Free Library.

Photo Credit: littlefreelibrary.org

I felt God was reaching out to me with these little boxes of books on a stand. He knows how much I love books. He knows how much to delight me by providing me with not one, but two boxes of books to use within short walking distance of my home. Each box had a book I knew God wanted me to read. They each popped out to me begging me, “Read me, read me!” One is about family traditions from author Meg Cox and one is from a blogger and podcaster I enjoy! (Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs. Darcy/What Should I Read Next) God knows me so well and He knows how to thrill me!

That’s just one example of how God orchestrates things for me. This story here shows that God can design the perfect meeting for two strangers to find out that they have a deep connection rooted in history. I love it! If you have any stories of God showing himself to you I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

I’m excited to read both as “summer vacation books”!

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