Reading Picture Books to Older Children: Why You Want To

Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise

Does it feel like your children are too old for you to read aloud picture books to them? Or that you and/or they are too old to read them on their own?

I encourage you to listen to this recent podcast by Sarah Mackenzie and change your mind. Picture books are for all ages. Thank goodness! I don’t want to ever miss out on their delights. I love that Sarah says, in another podcast, that they are like having an art gallery and book of poetry all in your one lap (unless they are wordless picture books, which I avoid).

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Sarah has her own recommendations of picture books for older kids in the top link embedded above. I have mine here in this post. Basically I look for abstract concepts, mostly historical, social, or scientific. I also look for books with advanced vocabulary and concepts that can’t be portrayed as black and white but are on a spectrum. Picture book biographies are also prime candidates because they tend to have many twists and turns that can be hard for under 10 year olds to follow. You can find my list of those over here, in the first part of the post (I also include non-picture book bios). Enjoy! May you go over to your public library online catalog right now and find all of these so you can put them on hold!

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Show Way

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