Keeping Sheep

Keeping Sheep: Lynne Perry Christofferson: Music

I listened to this song today, Keeping Sheep, from the CD pictured above. It immediately evoked tears. I haven’t listened to it in probably ten years or more. For some reason I dug out the CD after church today and popped it into the flat screen TV which my oldest son gave us for Christmas, which has a built in DVD/CD player. For months I thought it just played DVDs and finally figured out today it plays CDs too. Anyway, my sister in law, years ago, gave me this CD of songs by Lynne Perry Christofferson.

Today is the birthday of one of my middle children. As I recall, dear sis in law gave me this CD sometime before this child was born. I was at an all time low, living in a small basement apartment with four, soon to be five children. I felt so cramped and weary of dealing with a small kitchen that had no window or automatic dishwasher. Everyday my body grew bigger the kitchen grew smaller, and my mood grew darker. The song lifted my spirits and helped me immeasurably feel good about being a mom. This song is about a mom realizing she is a shepherd who has a little flock of sheep (her children) given to her by the Lord. It is just the sweetest song ever. Thank you Lynne P. Christofferson for writing such a touching song. It helped me put my problems in perspective and see the eternal glory of my family and my place in that.

To all moms every where who struggle because you feel like you have to be a mother in less than ideal conditions, please go listen to the song. A preview/sample is here. It will remind you that you are doing an important work and God will help you, no matter your circumstances. If you want to read the lyrics, go here, where another blogger who was touched as I was has shared the lyrics.

Half of my sheep are gone from my pasture. I’m so grateful that I stayed with them as their shepherd for all their sheep years. My oldest daughter, who is married, sent me a note years ago telling me “thank you” for giving up the best years of my life to them. I’ll never forget her note and I’m so glad she recognized my sacrifice. I’m not a perfect mother. Not every day has been a happy day. Things weren’t always roses, lemonade, and a picket fence. I never felt like the cool, welcoming mom of the neighborhood who loved to have all the neighbor kids over. I often felt grouchy. But I have always let the light of Jesus Christ shine in our lives. That ultimately helped the grouchiness to pass. I’ve made plenty of mistakes so I’m grateful for Jesus’s atoning grace. I’ve prayed with them, worked with them, cooked and played with them. I’ve read to them and driven them places and arranged for learning opportunities for them and homeschooled them. Being a mother is a wonderful thing! I’m so glad I could see them grow. Seeing a human blossom under your very own care is so fascinating! It truly is such a fulfilling thing. I wouldn’t trade it for millions of dollars.

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