8/9/21 End of Summer Picture Books

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Can you feel it in the air? The feeling that summer is about to end? It’s like the inhale before that last exhaling breath of the once ebullient summer, now dying. It begs me to wander the beach barefoot, collecting seashells, or to go find a berry patch to pick or a lake to swim in. I must do them before all those opportunities vanish, swallowed up by the responsibilities of homeschool co-ops, the call to harvest the garden and orchards, the nippy coldness of fall, and relentless football or soccer mom duties. Sigh!

So may I present to you, my “end of summer picture book list.” Enjoy!

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This is a fun book about family reunions.

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This book is hard to find. My mom bought it before I was born maybe? It was a mainstay of all my growing up years. I’ve never been able to find it a library. Kudos to you if you can find it! I wonder if my sister got it from my mom and has it hiding in her house. It’s the quintessential book about summer creativity in the wild.

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