9/15/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Podcast of the Week: the Sherlock Holmes of Health on Wise Traditions Podcast #318

I loved this podcast because it shows the possibility of living to old age and still having vitality! The guest being interviewed, Dr. Mary Ruddick, tells of visiting tribes in Africa and seeing people past 100 years old hopping and dancing. Here are the shownotes for the podcast, copied from YouTube:

“There are still people on the earth in perfect health–who don’t know what a headache is, who don’t experience insomnia, period pain, depression, or anxiety. Dr. Mary Ruddick is traveling the globe to find them and learn from their traditional health ways, to see how we might apply the protective mechanisms to our own health. Today, Mary tells stories related to her travels throughout Africa, the Blue Zones, and remote regions of the world. She discusses her observations, both from traditions kept and others, lost. She also tells her own health journey and how the work of WAPF and the GAPS diet helped her recover after years of being bedridden. Finally she tells us about a project she is putting into place to help children stick close to their ancestral diets.

Visit Dr. Mary Ruddick’s website: https://www.enableyourhealing.com and https://www.cows4kids.com

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