9/16/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Story of the Day: “Rain, a Bedspread, and a Birthday” by Gay Galt

Today, 28 years ago, I became a biological mother by giving birth to my first child. So happy birthday to my oldest son! Providentially, my story for today has to do with a birthday, and also with a principle from the scriptures we are reading for Come, Follow Jesus this week. The lesson is here. The principle for today is “I am a steward over earthly blessings.” It comes from these scriptures: Doctrine and Covenants 104:11–18, 78–83.

Just like the day my son was born, this story takes place on a drizzling rainy gray day. I love this story because it shows the principle of being a steward of earthly materials in action. The woman telling the story, Gay Galt, felt inspired to give of her time and things to help an older married couple in need. I’m so impressed that even though Sister Galt said she had a lot of things to do that day, she put them aside to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit to stop and give a frail older gentleman a ride. Then she followed the promptings to give things from her own home, knowing that God had a better use for them. As a result, she totally made two people’s day, week, month, maybe even year. She truly demonstrates in this story what it means to be God’s steward over His blessings. How did she know it was one of her recipient’s birthday? She didn’t, but the Spirit did. You can read the whole story here.

If you want more faith-in -Jesus-Christ-and-His-gospel promoting stories, get my ebook. It’s over here. Use it for family devotionals, or just to tell stories around the dinner table or for your family worship hour on Sundays. The first part is an introduction of the why and how of family devotionals, then starting on p. 55, you can find links to songs, scriptures, and stories to go with monthly topics and seasonal themes.

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