New Cartoon Series for Children to Teach All About Liberty

If you’ve ever read the Tuttle Twins and love those books, you’re going to love the new Tuttle Twins cartoon series! If you haven’t, I invite you to go buy the books here and enjoy them (that’s an affiliate link, so if you buy them, I do get a small commission that helps keep this blog going).

My children and I watched this first episode of the cartoon today. My 12 year old laughed out loud a few times, which totally delighted me. I love that this cartoon is educational and not brain candy. A new episode will be released every other Tuesday this fall. You can watch it on YouTube or on the Angel app.

Here are the notes for this episode, from YouTube:

“Ethan and Emily Tuttle start a lemonade stand just to lose it to a bad law. But when Grandma Gabby moves in with the family, she takes the twins on her wheelchair time machine to France and the Old West They learn what makes a good and bad law. But will the twins be able to reclaim their lemonade stand in time? This story is influenced by the economist Frédéric Bastiat and his groundbreaking book, The Law.”

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Episode 2, “War of Worms,” is all about the Golden Rule, especially as applied to economics.

Episode 3, “Pencils, Pirate and Ice Cream People” is all about free trade and how it benefits everyone.

In Episode 4, we learn about entrepreneurship with good ole’ Ben Franklin.

Episode 4 shows Emily and Ethan facing big business and protectionism.

Inflation is the theme of Episode 6.

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