10/15/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Story of the Day: What Would You Say To a Friend Wanting To Get You Drunk?

F. Enzio Busche speaks on the theme "Story of My Life" for the Evenings at the Museum series at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Elder Enzio Busche Photo Credit: thechurchnews.com

To continue with the theme of “spiritual treasures” that I blogged about last week with a story about seeking for riches, I’m sharing another story about treasure today. My story today relates to spiritual treasures, told by Elder Enzio Busche. You can go here to read it. He tells of a business client and friend who tried to get him drunk for evil purposes. Elder Busche prayed and was guided the Holy Spirit as to what to say to totally turn the situation around for good. You will be cheering for both of them in the end as the client apologizes and they embrace.

My favorite paragraph from the whole story:

“It is really necessary that we as members decide day by day whether we want to allow our fears to direct our actions or to live with a constant prayer in our heart to be able to analyze all feelings and emotions that come to us. Thereby we learn to draw upon the powers of heaven, which will enable us to overcome and to stand on holy ground, guided and directed by the Holy Ghost. What does this really mean? What is this real treasure that will enable us to stand in happiness and joy, in confidence, and with power each day of our lives? It means that we have to develop a close relationship with Christ, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Messiah, Jehovah, the Only Begotten of Elohim, and let him and his Spirit take possession of our lives. That means learning to accept, appreciate, and to always follow the promptings of the Spirit. It takes courage and commitment to follow the promptings of the Spirit because they may frighten us as they lead us to walk along new paths, sometimes paths that no one has walked before, paths of the second mile, of acting totally differently from how worldly people act. For instance, we may be prompted to smile when someone offends us, to give love where others give hate, to say thank you where others would not find anything to be thankful for, to accept jobs that others would be too proud to do, to apologize where others would defend themselves, and to do all the seemingly crazy things that the Spirit prompts a righteous, honest, listening heart to do. Being led by the Spirit enables us, as the scriptures say, to build up treasures in heaven, ‘where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal’ (Matt. 6:20).”

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