10/16/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Story of the Day #1: “Groceries or Tithing” by Charlotte Arnold

I enjoyed this past week’s assigned reading for the Come, Follow Jesus study for Sunday School. I also listened to the above video. One of the truths for this week’s study is that paying tithing opens up the windows of heaven. So much so that you will have more things than you have room to receive. The part about tithing in the above video is at the 47:56 mark. See also Doctrine and Covenants 119. I know this is true! We have paid tithing our whole marriage, and I’ve seen the blessings happen. Repeatedly we have given boxes and boxes of material stuff away because we don’t have room enough to keep it all.

I love this story by Charlotte Arnold, a single mother, about how she put this promise to the test. She had only enough money to pay tithing or buy groceries. Which did she choose? Go here to read the story, so you can find out!

If you want more heart-warming stories, I have a free PDF of them with hyperlinks to the stories compiled over here. It’s my free Celestial Family Devotionals Ebook.

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