10/16/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Story of the Day #2: “Loving the Role I Once Shunned” by Marian Pond

Another principle for this week’s Come, Follow Jesus reading, besides blessings flowing from paying tithing, is that “My sacrifices are sacred to the Lord.” We see this in the story behind Doctrine and Covenants 117. Newel K. Whitney was asked to leave his home and business in Kirtland and go to Missouri. Then Oliver Granger was asked to give a different sacrifice. The Lord asked him to stay and settle the finances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I love this story by Marian Pond over here, about a mother’s sacrifice. As a young woman who grew up in the 70s when feminism was totally blossoming with talk of women’s rights, Marian always thought she would have a career in the biochemistry world. She writes that she made a huge sacrifice when she decided to be a full time stay-at-home mother.

Early on in the throes of motherhood of young children she found herself saying, “I hate kids!” That was a turning point for her. She sought counseling. She studied principles of righteous parenting. She followed the still, small voice. She learned how to be a better mother who set boundaries. She got to the point where the joy flowed. As she writes, “Motherhood surprised me with its opportunities for great personal growth. By keeping a gospel focus, I’ve been able to embrace my role as a mother and discover the joy of it! Experiencing this kind of joy has filled me with gratitude to Heavenly Father for the role He has prepared for me.”

If you would like more stories about people living the gospel, please go read my Celestial Family Devotionals ebook over here.

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